Luis Pinto

Luis has been performing and teaching dance since the 1980’s influenced by the rise of Hip Hop music and the many styles of dance that fall under this dynamic and constantly evolving genre.

Luis has personally witnessed the evolution of Hip Hop culture since the 80’s and can appreciate the foundations that have been laid by the innovators of that time, to give us the incredibly diverse Hip Hop Culture that exists today….

His main focus has always been the dance and music side of Hip Hop Culture.

Luis started his dancing career as a Freestyle Street Dancer in the 1980’s. He strengthened his foundation with two years of jazz training which gave him the tools to be able to break down his freestyle ability and create his own style of choreography, a fusion of different Hip Hop dance styles

Luis Pinto and Jasmine Meakin are the creators of the You Tube Channel Mega Jam, that has accumulated 500 million views and 1.4 Million subscribers.

Through the success of their You Tube Channel Luis and Jasmine have toured the world teaching dance to young and eager to learn dance students.