Roles and Responsibilities Of The Regional Office for the K11 Contract

By Fiona Cooper
on 4 September 2020


· The role of the Regional Office is to work directly with the International Director of CSTD to support the growth of Comdance – Home of CSTD in the international market.

· The Regional Office provides an effective platform from which CSTD can direct and manage our regional and global business.

· The Regional Office will provide linguistic support and cultural nuances essential for expanding our international footprint.

· The Regional Office will explore, develop and follow up expressions of interest from new markets and from enquiries where Regional Organisers have failed to act in a timely or efficient manner.

· The Regional Office will assist and facilitate Regional Organisers when requested or at the direction of the International Director.

· The RO will also facilitate other regional events outside our base in Singapore when necessary or directed by the International Director.

· The RO will assist the International Director in sourcing and negotiating accommodation contracts with hotel vendors throughout our examining regions. To date this is MOH Singapore, Novotel HK, Raintree Chennai and Amari Thailand.

· The RO will liaise with our partners Sonata, Jovious and Aceolution on all collaborations for international markets.

· The RO will conduct crisis management in international markets ensuring examiner welfare and protecting the CSTD brand and reputation. We have experienced this in both HK and Thailand.

· The RO will compile and sort content from our other Regional Organisers for our International Newsflash, publish and distribute to all Regional Organisers (post Covid).

· Assist the International Director in constructing the international roster, considering all examination modes, preparing meeting agendas and presentations for international CSTD events.

· Source internal regional travel, at CSTD International’s expense, to secure the most cost -effective travel arrangements for examiner travel and welfare.

· Advise Comdance of the changing government regulations affecting the society’s policies and programs so they can implement the required processes to ensure we can continue to trade.

Written by: Fiona Cooper