COMDANCE is a global dance community
Established in 1933, its early goal was to bring the enjoyment of all types of dance to people at a time when only ballroom dancing and ballet were formally taught. Today, COMDANCE is one of the world’s great international dance societies with thousands of dancers, teachers and studios in 16 countries.
  Statement from Their Excellencies

How COMDANCE works for everyone involved

For dancers

COMDANCE is your passport to a life journey through dance.

For teachers

COMDANCE gives you the structure and syllabi to engage and encourage your students.

For studios

COMDANCE gives you the resources, tools and networks to build and promote your business.

COMDANCE has been enabling people to explore dance since 1933


Dance is not only empowering, it’s liberating. What starts off as a fun pastime with friends could turn into a career anywhere in the world.


Dance is a wonderful way to express yourself without words. Explore dozens of different genres and choose the one you enjoy the most. Then just go for it!


For those who want to take their dance further, there are structured programs and examinations to give you the formal qualifications you’ll need.


With a COMDANCE-qualified teacher or studio, you’ll be learning from the best and getting all the advice and encouragement you need.


We explore different genres of dance to find the one you enjoy the most, because without enjoyment there is no deep learning.