For dancers

Open to all ages to get you moving and learning about yourself


Dance is a unique combination of physical activity, social interaction and mental stimulation. But above everything, it’s a lot of fun.

Almost anyone can dance. For children, it’s a great way to burn off excess energy, gain confidence in themselves and make new friends. For adults, it’s a relaxing, stress-busting break from everyday life and an excellent way of keeping fit and flexible.

There’s a dance style to suit you. A COMDANCE studio near you. So what are you waiting for – get dancing!


Dance is just like music; there’s a style to suit everyone. Some like classical, others prefer jazz or hip hop. With COMDANCE, you can explore a multitude of dance genres and choose the one you like best.


Dance will help you improve your cardiovascular health, strengthen muscles and bones, and build endurance and stamina. Dancing can also help improve memory, alertness, awareness, focus, and concentration.


When you’ve been dancing for a while, you might like to challenge yourself - or simply love it so much that you’d like to work in dance or a related discipline. COMDANCE can help you do just that.

Sarah Peterson

Intermediate Jazz

Beginners Jazz

Completed 14/06

Beginners Pop

Completed 30/08

Beginners Musical Theatre

Expected 22/11

Beginners Pop COMDANCE Certificate

Completed 30/08 73%

Find your dancing style through our organised programs

Let your local COMDANCE studio introduce you to a range of dance styles so you can find the one that best suits you. Some like to salsa; others can’t stop tapping their toes. Exploring different styles not only keeps you motivated; it makes sure you spread the physical load across different muscles and joints for a full body workout. Joining a dance class is a great way to meet new people - plus you get to dance with them! COMDANCE is one big family - and you’re welcome to join us any time.

Christian Miles

Expert Jazz

Intermediate Jazz

Completed 24/06

Intermediate Musical Theatre

Completed 1/09

Beginners Pop

Expected 22/12

Intermediate Jazz COMDANCE Certificate

Completed 1/09 88%

Find your dancing style through our organised programs then take it that next step further

COMDANCE teachers are fully accredited and will help you prepare for examinations and competitions which lead to formal qualifications and maybe an exciting international career. COMDANCE can take you on a journey into the world of professional dance, musical theatre and choreography. The society has examinations in all major dance styles and our syllabus is internationally-recognised. Challenge yourself to dance to the next level. Learn from the best.

FAQs about our dance programs

Why should I choose a COMDANCE school?

All COMDANCE teachers must meet rigorous standards to become accredited members and examiners are also trained specifically in the ‘COMDANCE way’. That is friendly, encouraging, compassionate and professional. COMDANCE teachers can access syllabi to help develop a triple threat performer.

Why are exams important?

Parents often ask ‘why do exams’? They are concerned that exams might lead to pressure on their child. But there are many life lessons and positives that come from undertaking exams. Exams are a major form of recognition of a universal standard in the dance world. They help students develop confidence and prepare them for some of the more intimidating experiences in life like job interviews, school exams or walking into a crowd of strangers.

Are exams hard work?

Exams take commitment, dedication, ambition and hard work over a sustained period and they develop a great deal of self-satisfaction. Most importantly, they encourage resilience, a strong, developmental technique and a sense of achievement.

Why can’t I visit the online shop?

You must log in first. Only financial members can access the shop.

I am an experienced teacher. Do I need to do professional development?

All members must commit to a minimum period of professional development. This can be completed in many ways including syllabus workshops, business and marketing, child development, teaching strategies and first aid.

Can you refund my exam fees?

All exam fees are non-refundable as per our published terms and conditions. In the case of illness or injury when a medical certificate is supplied, special arrangements can be made.

Are CSTD and Comdance the same organisation?

Yes. We have officially been COMDANCE since 1992 and we’re now using this new name and identity across everything we do. However, we never want to change the sense of family created by the original Society.