Exam Entries

New Process for TC & TD Exams: 

We have investigated ways for students to access student resources independently, but we cannot do that without giving them access to the members end of the website. We believe in this remaining an exclusive right for our members. As such, please see below a new process:

  • When teachers send in their registration exam form, teachers must also attach a document listing the full student name and the student’s receipt number for their TC/TD Pack.
  • Providing the receipt number is a new process simply replacing hardcopy books during the exam.
  • This is the receipt found on the PayPal order.
  • You may order 3 packs for 3 students. In this case they will all come under the same receipt number, for example:

DATE              Receipt No.                            Student Name:            Item:

22/05/2020    #9004111222013274               Susan Smith*             1 x Modern Jazz TC

Andrea Smith*            1 x Modern Jazz TC

Taylor Smith*              1 x Tap TD

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Head Office.

  • If a receipt number is provided for 3 students when only 2 packs were purchased, the Organiser and Head Office will request that the teacher/student purchase an additional pack prior to the exam.
  • Students who are not covered under a receipt number will not be able to sit their exam.
  • Students will be asked for their receipt number at the exam – please provide them with a copy of their receipt number on the day of purchase.
  • Students who have a hardcopy pack must still bring their books for the examiner to sign and do not need to provide a receipt number.

A brief reminder:

  • Teachers must purchase these packs on behalf of the students. The payment process is at the discretion of the teacher and studio. For example, teachers can login to their account and let the student pay via their PayPal.
    *Please keep your login details private*
  • Student Resource packs are comprised at a discounted rate, specifically for students sitting their exams.
  • Students are only required to purchase the student resource packs for exams (not additional books, CDs or DVDs).