Contemporary packages are available in Foundation, Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5. Packages may only be purchased by members who have attended a workshop for the level they wish to purchase.

Our Society offers exclusively the “Jason Winters Contemporary Technique”, a world-class and comprehensive Contemporary Dance syllabus. Its technique and structure is designed in the most classical and academic way and infused with choreographic electricity used in today’s most commercial settings. It provides the proper tools to create dancers capable of furthering their education at the University level or working in fields from a major dance company to stage, film or television. A unique collaboration between our international society and industry expert it provides “Dance for the 21st Century and beyond”.

This syllabus consists of seven levels providing a comprehensive collection of training philosophies and exercises for contemporary movements. Throughout the levels the foundation is laid for a strong, focused and fluid contemporary dancer with building blocks in Graham, Cunningham, Jazz, Classical, Yoga and Pilates, and Jason Winters own circular sense of movement.

This syllabus truly creates the platform and provides the path for the evolution of Contemporary Dance for the future.

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