The Comdance Tap Syllabus was updated in 2017. The new tap syllabus is a complete training package with graduated exercises, amalgamations and dances suited to the target age group. The Tap Syllabus caters for candidates from 4 years upwards and has been created by Sandra Breen OAM, Janine Tirant, and Sharee Stirling, with contributions to exercises and routines by Jack Chambers, Rennie Ann Martini, Keith Hawley and Chris Jordan; all are very experienced, well-respected tappers & choreographers. Theory is introduced from grade 5 upwards.

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New Optional Tracks:

Broadway Alternative Music

Cha Cha Alternative Music

Tap Alternate Dances

Tap Dance Step Requirements

Tap Exam Tempo Changes 1-5 (Music Files)

Tap Exam Tempo Changes 6-9 (Music Files)

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