Dorothy Gladstone Award Contemporary Information

Dorothy Gladstone Award Contemporary

Minimum age 12 years
No upper age limit

PUBLIC EXAMINATION: Must be performed with a visiting Examiner.
A Public Exam is a non-professional exam danced by students, with the ability to
perform in public and entertain an audience, whilst displaying the ability to meet
the requirements of the syllabus.

Candidates must hold Jason Winter’s Contemporary Level 3 but not Level 4.

1. Candidates must perform TWO dances of contrasting Contemporary Styles

• Slow tempo
• Quick tempo

A minimum of 2 minutes, maximum of 3 minutes for each dance.
Candidate must pass both dances to pass the exam.

2. Stagecraft: Costume, makeup, projection, personality, showmanship.

Stagecraft is an essential component of each performance.

All candidates must complete their dances.

If a candidate leaves the stage of his/her own accord, a mark of zero will
be awarded for that dance.

If an accident occurs, it is then the Examiner’s prerogative to ring the bell and ask
for a re-start. Marks may be deducted.

If the student leaves the stage during their routine – even if the music stops due
to a malfunction – the student is automatically disqualified – they must remain on
the stage until the examiner rings the bell.

Written by: Fiona Cooper