Les Newman Award 2021 Recipient – Cindy Watson

It is with a great deal of pleasure that I can announce this year’s winner is Mrs Cindy Watson.

Cindy’s nomination was received from several different quarters of the Society. Her involvement of course goes back decades. Cindy has a very special ability to juggle multiple tasks and yet always maintains her composure, exudes good grace and epitomises the Comdance ‘can do’ philosophy. Cindy continues to instruct and educate students and prospective teachers with integrity and the utmost respect She introduces, guides and supports students into respectful and reliant teachers.

She manages to do this while examining, contributing to our executive committee, running the Victorian festival and being a mother. Since 2019 she has taken on further projects in trying to develop the Comdance brand in New Zealand and Tasmania. Her unremitting enthusiasm for these ventures is remarkable. Cindy has also organised many workshops in Victoria and Tasmania over the last few years.

During 2020 she was the Australian organiser for the Global Dance Challenge. How she manages it all is beyond me but she does and she manages to bring it all together.

Cindy always makes herself available and I know that all organisers both in Australia and Overseas find Cindy an absolute delight to work with. In her unique, calm manner she will often call me and begin the conversation with I was thinking …. Or what do you think of this idea.

Cindy epitomises all the qualities of a Les Newman award winner, she truly does go above and beyond in supporting the Society. A VERY DESERVING WINNER. CONGRATULATIONS, CINDY.

Written by: Diane Gepp